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Ihr kompetenter Fachbetrieb für:

        • Verstopfungen in Bad, WC und Küche

        • Kanalreinigung

        • Hochdruckspül- u. Mech. Reinigungen

        • TV-Inspektion

        • Wartungs- und Entsorgungsleistungen

        • 24h Notdienst Zürich: 044 884 80 80

        • 24h Notdienst Aargau: 062 896 34 35


about us

Unser Service, Anspruch und unsere Arbeit.


Reinigungs-, Wartungs- und Inspektionsleistungen.


Prokanal GmbH provides inexpensive and reliable drainage and water supply services in and around your property.

Our claim

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! For this purpose, we use the latest and proven technology, competent employees and an all-round service while at the same time adhering to the strictest standards, including environmental protection.

Our work

In order to achieve convincing results, the use of suitable technology is essential.

We have proven, newest and technological means to implement every order problem-specific and economically to your complete satisfaction

Our service

We offer you our services around the clock and every day of the year. Prokanal GmbH is always there for you and keeps your pipes free !

Our strengths

• individual and personal customer care

• Availability around the clock (emergency service)

• short-term problem solving

• modern equipment (vehicles, Machinery)

• permanent partners in the plumbing and

heating industry

• young and experienced employees

• high quality standards for your own

Sewer cleaning Zurich: reliable services for everything to do with drainage and water supply

Trust us, sewer cleaning Zurich, with all your drain or water supply problems. We at Prokanal sewer service help when your toilet is clogged, the washbasin is clogged or when a clogged toilet makes everyday life difficult. With our sewer TV investigation, we are technically optimally equipped and assure you of the first-class quality of our work.

Sewer cleaning Zurich: customer satisfaction

Our sewer cleaning Zurich takes care of your wishes. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Take a look at our portfolio on and trust our know-how when it comes to sewer cleaning in Zurich. We always use innovative and proven technology and we have competent employees and an all-round service that will convince you.

Sewer cleaning Zurich: environmental protection

In our work, we always ensure compliance with the strictest standards, including environmental protection. Every order is solved by us in a problem-specific and economical way so that you can count on complete satisfaction. You can use our services 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our services

We at sewer cleaning Zurich take care of draining, maintenance and gutter cleaning as well as sewer renovations, blockages in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens as well as high-pressure flushing and mechanical cleaning. Our strengths lie in personal and individual customer care. You can reach us around the clock and our emergency service is there for you 24 hours a day. Even short-term solutions to problems are not an issue. Our vehicles and machines are state-of-the-art and we have permanent partners in the plumbing and heating industry. We ourselves have high quality standards for our own services and we have experienced and young employees working for us.

Contact us!

Use our contact form and tick whether you would like an offer from sewer cleaning Zurich , if there is an emergency or if you would like to place an order. Then just fill in the data and a few notes and quickly send the e-mail via our website. Our motto is: We remove all types of pipe blockages inexpensively, cleanly and reliably. Our emergency aid is your salvation for blockages in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen , washbasin or urinal. Please contact us.

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